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    Used Tillage Machines For Sale

    Browse used tillage machines for sale at Mascus, the specialist online marketplace for used agricultural machinery, construction machinery and heavy duty vehicles. From tractors and harvesters, to wheels and engines, we provide you with the opportunity to buy and sell the best used machinery. Discover our wide range of tillage machinery products from leading brands such as Kverneland, Kuhn and Vaderstad.

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    • 699,067 KES
    • Vaderstad CR650, 2005, Disc harrows

      Vaderstad CR650Drive configuration: Trailed, General grade (1 min - 5 max): 4, Working width: 650

      Disc harrows

      869,447 KES
    • Howard Rota-Spike, Cultivators

      Howard Rota-SpikeFront tyres remaining: RearTyreCondition%


      United Kingdom, SHREWSBURY

      100,838 KES
    • Promoted
      Överum 3, Conventional ploughs

      Överum 3Number of furrows: 3, Drive configuration: Mounted

      Conventional ploughs

      Latvia, Jaunrauna

      156,732 KES
    • Maschio DM 3000, Disc harrows

      Maschio DM 3000Working width: 300

      Disc harrows

      Germany, Ermetzhofen

      379,891 KES
    • Kuhn EL 50 N 1.55m, 1990, Cultivators

      Kuhn EL 50 N 1.55mGeneral grade (1 min - 5 max): 3, Working width: 155

      Denmark, Hadsten

      90,102 KES
    • Lemken Rubin 9, 2007, Cultivators

      Lemken Rubin 98-400Working width: 400

      Lithuania, Jurbarkas

      1,356,338 KES
    • Kuhn HR 6003 D R, 2008, Disc harrows

      Kuhn HR 6003 DR

      Disc harrows
      Germany, Manching

      1,870,355 KES
    • Pöttinger DM 300 Plus, Disc harrows

      Pöttinger DM 300 PlusWorking width: 300

      Disc harrows


      617,887 KES
    • Wil-Rich 5800, 2009, Chisel ploughs

      Wil-Rich 5800Front tyres remaining: RearTyreCondition%

      Chisel ploughs
      United States, Tracy, MN

      2,476,601 KES
    • Koja Plough POZ-4/Pflug/ Pług/ Arado/Pług, 2018, Reversible ploughs

      Koja Plough POZ-4/Pflug/ Pług/ Arado/PługNumber of furrows: 4, Amount of previous owners: 0, Drive configuration: Mounted, Latest inspection: nie dotyczy, General grade (1 min - 5 max): 5, Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 5.34 x 2.27 x 1.3 , Transport weight: 800, Tyre brand: inna, Guarantee: producenta, Front tyres remaining: 100%, Rear tyres remaining : 100%, Production country: PL

      Reversible ploughs
      Poland, Białystok

      486,681 KES
    • Vaderstad RS1230, 2016, Rollers

      Vaderstad RS1230 HD CAMBRIDGE VÄLTTransport dimensions (LxWxH): FrontTyreCondition, Rear tyres remaining : Accessories%

      Sweden, Åsarp

      3,130,836 KES
    • Vogel & Noot XMS 1050 VARIO C-PLUS 4 SCHAR, Conventional ploughs

      Vogel & Noot XMS 1050 VARIO C-PLUS 4 SCHAR

      Conventional ploughs

      Germany, Manching

      1,315,184 KES
    •  Øverum Xcelsior CX490H, 2003, Reversible ploughs

      Øverum Xcelsior CX490H

      Reversible ploughs
      Norway, Sem

      834,243 KES
    •  Kivi Pekka 420/06, 2006, Other tillage machines and accessories

      Kivi Pekka 420/06

      Other tillage machines and accessories
      Norway, Sem

      2,323,963 KES
    • Kverneland 48, Disc harrows

      Kverneland 48Drive configuration: Trailed, General grade (1 min - 5 max): 3, Front tyres remaining: RearTyreCondition%

      Disc harrows

      Sweden, Linköping *

      448,865 KES
    • John Deere 230, 1994, Disc harrows

      John Deere 230

      Disc harrows
      United States, Martin, Tennessee

      458,630 KES
    • Vaderstad NZG-800-CB, 1998, Harrows

      Vaderstad NZG-800-CBDrive configuration: Trailed, General grade (1 min - 5 max): 3, Working width: 800, Front tyres remaining: RearTyreCondition%

      Sweden, Skövde *

      1,099,720 KES
    • Pom TAURUS TD, 2014, Cultivators

      Pom TAURUS TDDrive configuration: Trailed, Working width: 300, Transport weight: 3100


      540,757 KES
    • Dal-Bo AXC, 2001, Disc harrows

      Dal-Bo AXC300, 3 m.

      Disc harrows

      376,761 KES

    Types Of Used Tillage Machinery Available at Mascus

    Expect high quality machinery at an affordable price when you browse with Mascus. Our used tillage machines offer a variety of different styles and models from leading brands in the agricultural industry. Choose from cultivators and rollers, to power harrows and rototillers for reliable agricultural machinery from a variety of brands.

    Use our simple search engine to narrow your search, selecting exactly the tillage machine you require. Choose Mascus for brands such as John Deere, Kverneland KD832, 2002, Mixer feeders Kverneland, Lemken and more for a widespread choice when it comes to selecting the right farm tillage equipment for you.

    How do I sell my used tillage machines?

    Looking to sell your tillage machinery with Mascus? The process is simple – before selling anything, you will need to complete registration on our website. Register as an End User if this is your first time trading with Mascus, or if you occasionally buy and sell agricultural machinery with us. However, if you are regularly buying and selling through our site, your best option is to register as a Dealer. This will allow you access to additional features on Mascus website with a provided free password.

    Once registration has been completed and verified, which usually takes 24 hours, you can begin creating your advert. Once you are happy with the design and the detailing with regard to relevant information about your product, payment can be taken in the form of credit card. However, if you are registered as a Dealer, the option of a quarterly invoice can be chosen – whatever is the easiest option for you.

    How do I buy used tillage machines?

    Buying your tillage machinery could not be easier. From using our helpful search engine and narrowing down your criteria, select a product or item which you would be interested in purchasing. This allows you to view all relevant information about the product and the seller’s location. Once chosen, you will be required to fill out a contact form which states your preferred method of contact – this can be either on the telephone or by email. The seller can then get in touch with you directly and your farm tillage equipment will be on its way to you.

    Carry on browsing through our site to see all of our agricultural equipment and machinery.