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    Used material handling equipment for Sale

    Please find below the full list of ads of used material handling equipment from material handling sector. Click all brands of used material handling equipment if you want to check the available used material handling equipment machines sorted by brand. Please use the refine search navigation on left hand side to narrow your search in material handling equipment category.

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    • Linde Pallet Truck, 2014, Hand pallet truck

      Linde Pallet TruckPower type: Manual

      Hand pallet truck
      United Arab Emirates, Dubai

      41,777 KES
    • Kalmar DCT80, 2015, Diesel trucks

      Kalmar DCT80

      Diesel trucks
      2015 14 h
      Saudi Arabia

    • Promoted
      Combilift Straddle Carrier SC3 / SC3T, 2011, Container handlers

      Combilift Straddle Carrier SC3 / SC3TLatest inspection: June 2016, General grade (1 min - 5 max): 4, Amount of previous owners: 0, Full service history: Yes, Power type: Diesel, Maximum lift capacity: 35, Type: Full container handler, CE marked: Yes, Maximum lift height: 426.7, Transmission: Automatic, Front tyres remaining: 80%, Rear tyres remaining : 80%, Certificates: CE

      Container handlers
      2011 1,042 h
      Ireland, Co Mayo

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      Combilift C 8000, 2010, Diesel trucks

      Combilift C 8000Maximum lift capacity: 8000, Maximum lift height: 453, Distance of centre of gravity: 60, Fork length: 163

      Diesel trucks
      2010 1,851 h
      Austria, 2870 Aspang

      6,063,223 KES
    • Toyota FD 50, 2015, Diesel trucks

      Toyota FD 50Latest inspection: YES, Amount of previous owners: 1, Full service history: Yes, CE marked: Yes, Maximum lift capacity: 5, Maximum lift height: 0.5, Guarantee: 1YEAR, Front tyres remaining: 99%, Rear tyres remaining : 99%, Production country: JP

      Diesel trucks
      2015 2,455 h
      China, SHANG HAI

      1,229,352 KES
    • Nissan 8438 - P1F1A10J, 2009, Forklift trucks - others

      Nissan 8438 - P1F1A10JPower type: Petrol, Maximum lift capacity: 1000, Maximum lift height: 400, Lift mast: Duplex

      Forklift trucks - others
      2009 2,322 h

      687,582 KES
    • Hyster 30, 2001, Electric forklift trucks

      Hyster 30General grade (1 min - 5 max): 2, Maximum lift capacity: 4x2, Maximum lift height: 596, Free lift: 197, Drive height: 264, Battery voltage: 80

      Electric forklift trucks

      855,352 KES
    • Case IH CX 240, 2006, Others

      Case IH CX 240Power type: Diesel

      2006 14,526 h

      2,812,835 KES
    • Heli CPCD 35, 2008, Diesel trucks

      Heli CPCD 35General grade (1 min - 5 max): 4, CE marked: Yes, Maximum lift capacity: 3500, Maximum lift height: 450, Lift mast: Triplex / free lift, Fork carriage: Positioner and spread, Guarantee: 3 kk, Tyre type: Cushion, Drive height: 224, Cabin: Closed cabin, Production country: CN

      Diesel trucks
      2008 1,100 h
      Finland, Hiojankatu 3, Lahti

      1,625,194 KES
    • Linde H70D, 2015, Diesel trucks

      Linde H70DGeneral grade (1 min - 5 max): 4, Maximum lift capacity: 7000, Maximum lift height: 470.5, Free lift: 125.5, Lift mast: Triplex, Drive height: 271, Cabin: Closed cabin

      Diesel trucks
      2015 1,500 h
      Germany, SINGEN

      9,988,691 KES
    • Hyste H5.00XL D, 1998, Diesel trucks

      Hyste H5.00XL DGeneral grade (1 min - 5 max): 4, Amount of previous owners: 2, Free lift: 20, Lift mast: Duplex, Fork carriage: Sideshifter, Tyre type: Super elastic, Fork length: 130, Drive height: 320, Cabin: Closed cabin, Front tyres remaining: 50%, Rear tyres remaining : 75%, No. of steering wheels: 2, No. of drive wheels: 4

      Diesel trucks
      1998 5,586 h
      Netherlands, Oldenzaal

    • BT OSE 120 P, 2011, Medium lift order picker

      BT OSE 120 PMaximum lift capacity: 4x4 / x 2 (optional), Maximum lift height: 80, Free lift: No, Drive height: 133, Lift mast: Duplex, Fork length: 145

      Medium lift order picker
      2011 1,912 h

      636,638 KES
    • Linde E50HL, 2013, Electric forklift trucks

      Linde E50HLNumber of wheels: 4, General grade (1 min - 5 max): 4, Maximum lift capacity: 5000, Maximum lift height: 310, Free lift: 15, Drive height: 240.4, Lift mast: Simplex

      Electric forklift trucks
      2013 1,900 h
      Germany, Rheinfelden

      4,863,080 KES
    • Doosan D30 S-3, 2006, Diesel trucks

      Doosan D30 S-3Maximum lift capacity: 4x2, Maximum lift height: 435, Lift mast: Duplex / free lift

      Diesel trucks
      2006 7,600 h

      1,250,149 KES
    • BT SWE 080 L, 2007, Pedestrian stacker

      BT SWE 080 LGeneral grade (1 min - 5 max): 5, Power type: Electric, Maximum lift capacity: 1600, Distance of centre of gravity: 60, Maximum lift height: 145, Free lift: 145, Fork length: 115, Battery voltage: 24, Battery capacity: 160, Battery year of manufacture: 2014, Transport weight: 760

      Pedestrian stacker
      2007 2,731 h
      Netherlands, Veen, Nederland

      281,284 KES
    • Kaup 2.5T391.1, 2009, Forklift trucks - others

      Kaup 2.5T391.1General grade (1 min - 5 max): 2, Maximum lift capacity: 3200, Free lift: No

      Forklift trucks - others

      488,808 KES
    • Toyota 8 FB ET 15, 2013, Forklift trucks - others

      Toyota 8 FB ET 15General grade (1 min - 5 max): 5, Power type: Other, Maximum lift capacity: 1500, Maximum lift height: 500, Free lift: No, Drive height: 221, Lift mast: Triplex, Fork carriage: No, Tyre type: Super elastic

      Forklift trucks - others
      2013 8,570 h
      United Kingdom

      1,469,518 KES
    • Jungheinrich EFG 216 K, 2012, Electric forklift trucks

      Jungheinrich EFG 216 KMaximum lift capacity: 1600, Maximum lift height: 300, Drive height: 210, Transmission: Automatic transmission, Engine: Electric, Engine output:

      Electric forklift trucks
      2012 12,904 h

      825,098 KES
    • BT SWE 100, 2015, Pedestrian stacker

      BT SWE 100Maximum lift capacity: 1000, Maximum lift height: 330, Free lift: 17, Drive height: 215, Fork length: 115

      Pedestrian stacker
      2015 80 h

      714,594 KES
    • Linde 184, 2006, Other attachments and components

      Linde 184General grade (1 min - 5 max): 2

      Other attachments and components
      Germany, 86316 Friedberg

      231,278 KES

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